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We are spoon.CITY

We are a close-knit team of Architects, innovation enthusiasts and digital lovers who strongly believes in meritocracy and multidisciplinarity.

Architects rights

We care about the future of our profession. That’s why we struggle to find clear job offers at fair working conditions.


We help high quality independent Architects in finding new job opportunities based on their skill-set.


Custom-fit services

We help Architecture firms and private clients in finding high quality professionals tailored on their needs.

Remote working

We believe that digital nomads habits can bring new and exciting job opportunities to architects.

Our Story

spoon.CITY was born in January 2015 from an idea of Lucia Rampanti, Architect strongly attracted by digital businesses. She was working as UX designer in a startup based in San Francisco while she noticed that in US there are very horizontal online platforms for professionals. She realized that a more vertical online service specifically designed for Architects would have been a more appropriate channel. After 6 months Caterina Pilar Palumbo, Architect as well with a passion for innovation and graphic design, joined Lucia in this adventure. In less than one year spoon.CITY won an important Prize from the Italian Council of Architects: Premio Raffaele Sirica 2015, and found its first clients among multinational businesses. What’s next? A deeper understanding of China and its opportunities for talented Architects.

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Meet the Team

Lucia Rampanti

Lucia Rampanti

Founder, CEO

Restless and curious, pixel perfectionist. Licensed Architect since 2015 and a self-taught UX designer. Fulbright BEST (Business Exchange Student Training) Fellow at Santa Clara University. I’ve always been attracted by digital innovation, this led me to a sort of mutation. I’m ambitious, always doing my best to reach my goals which often correspond to my team goals. I’m a wannabe growth hacker, once-upon-a-time ballet dancer.

Caterina Pilar Palumbo

Caterina Pilar Palumbo

Co-Founder, CMO

Curious, flexible, assertive and innovation enthusiast. Licensed Architect since 2013 with a strong attraction for graphic and photography. Always looking out for different points of view, I consider the project as the result of multidisciplinary fields contamination. Digital nomad by necessity, I’ve always been interested in the social role of architect and how our profession is changing, so here I am at spoon.CITY to do my best!

Will you be our next team member?

Will you be our next team member?


We are looking for an unconventional computer engineer who loves challenges. We want to build a multidisciplinary team based on openness and respect. He or she will shape our backend architecture optimizing our matching algorithm and hopefully giving us a new point of view. If interested tell us why you are the right person for this role. Send us an e-mail to